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These frames, which you can buy on Etsy, are the result of trying to find a way to fulfill a constant need to experiment and create texture.  I was talking to Daniel about how much of a challenge it is to document my work because of the textures I add to my pieces. It’s a total frustration for someone that really doesn’t have any photography skills and probably an equal B for photographers…Anyway,  I’d love to say that the idea for the frames was my own, but this idea came from Daniel.  BUT, it isn’t that often that I go along with his ideas.  I’m a punk like that, but this time I was like, “YES! You’re right!”  Now I can play around making surfaces for functional art while also creating something that will (I think) complement any of my prints, especially the prints of paintings that have texture.  Yeah!  I also added a little scent to them.  Growing up in the 80′s all of my dolls seemed to have some sort of scent to them.  I LOVED that and still do.  A lot of my art is kind of about nostalgia, and cake, and well, a ton of other things of course…but anyway, I put out this idea on my FB and boom, suggestions came in and I was like, why not?  The scent on the frames is very subtle.  I love seeing people have that shy urge to interact with art, so by all means if you have the opportunity,  get close enough to give it a good sniff!  It’s a type of light vanilla…frosting scent…or whatever, it’s sweet!  I hope it stays, but since it’s my first time experimenting with scent, it may fade quickly. So here is a closer look at one of the end results…


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Pardon the mess!  I’m currently reviving my website from the grave of those who were once hacked!  Please check back in often, I miss yall!